Monday, December 10, 2018

In France (part 2)

When We had entered our room again, We told the slaves that We had a game for them. We were going to do different things with the slaves, and they had to guess which One of Us was the executor. As such the three of them were blindfolded and strapped, one in a chair, another one at a special bench and “chien” was chained with a short chain to a pole.

Laurence walked over to “cochon” and put her boot on the chair he was sitting on. She made sure that the tip of her boot just touched his dick and at the same time grabbed his nipple in her gloved hand. Like that she twisted it violently which made the slave scream like hell. As a result, She went over to a rack full of “aids” and took a black rubber mouth gag.

In the mean time I had placed Myself over “asticot” who was strapped on the bench and placed Myself on the slave’s face. After a while he started shuddering frantically since he realized that he risked to get suffocated under Me.

I don’t know if he knew that I like the feeling of a helpless face under My bum. Especially when it is in panic. It gives Me pleasure and a powerful feeling. The knowledge that I could just suffocate someone under My leather encased ass always makes Me hot like hell!

Anyway after a few seconds I lifted Myself slightly allowing him to gasp some air, but I immediately lowered My leather encased bum over his face again. Like that I toyed with him for maybe five minutes.

In the meantime, I watched how Laurence further tortured “cochon’s” nipples and put the tip of her boot on his dick. Also, he was struggling frantically but in vain against his bonds.

Then I stepped towards “chien” who had been left at the pole all the time and I ordered him to kiss My boots. Of course, being blindfolded he could not see where exactly My boots were and so he stuck out his tongue and tried to find out where the precious leather was. To tease him, I started moving as soon as he found Me and tried to kiss My boots.
I warned him for My spurs and not to cut himself to them….hahahahahahaaaaa…. but I saw that indeed he was frightened for them and cautious. On the other hand, he was anxious to get more lashes for slacking from My whip that I had taken in My hand. After a while, Madame Laurence joined Me and positioned herself at the other side. As soon as I saw this, I ordered “chien” to kiss Madame Laurence’s boots. At first, he did not understand, but a few good lashes sharpened his brains and he crawled to the other side of the pole since he had heard Laurence by then.

Like that We toyed with him for several minutes and made him crawl back and forth.
It yielded him several red weals from Our whips and bruises Our boots caused.
I am sure that several parts of his body have turned black and blue due to Our rather heavy kicks.

After that, I invited Laurence to enjoy herself with “asticot” while I took care of “cochon” .
I walked over to him and put the tip of My boot on his dick. I bend forward and spit right into his open mouth. It was fully open because of the special “mouth spreader” Laurence had placed in his mouth and that forced his mouth to be continuously wide open. I had seen such a device before but never had placed it Myself. Nevertheless I knew the use of it and I ordered “cochon” to stick out his tongue and swept the sole of My boot over it.
Then I went over to the rack with several “items”, took a large black rubber dildo from it and pushed it in his open mouth. I told him it was My friend’s dick and that he had to suck and carress it carefully. Of course this was not much fun for Me and I soon changed to whipping his dick and balls with the leather flap on the tip of My crop. First rather softly, but after a while he was crying in pain, begging Me to stop as he was afraid that I’d ruin his manhood. The fact that I was saying how much damage My whip did, that his dick was bleeding all over, that his ballsack was ripped open,… brought him in sheer panic. In reality his dick wasn’t even bleeding, it was only red and bruised a bit.

In the mean time, Laurence had put a funnel in asticot’s mouth and had lowered her pants. No need to tell you what she did next!
I was eager to do the same, but unlike Madame Laurence in her long leather skirt, My skin tight leather jodhpurs were not that easy to pull off.
Nevertheless, when I was ready with “cochon”, I could not suppress My lust for it and I went towards “asticot”, unzipped My pants, placed Myself over him and urinated in the funnel as well. It made him nearly choke in My piss since My bladder was rather full, but it appeared that he was more or less experienced as a pissmouth and managed to swallow it finally.
Laurence after the “action”
When I looked at Laurence I saw that at the same moment she had her bum pushed in cochon’s face and had her little asshole licked clean.

As desert We both took a horsewhip and started hitting the three slaves randomly until our time in the room was up.  
In the bar We met Brigitte and Jeanine again and five minutes later Our slaves returned and prostrated themselves at Our feet again.

After one more drink and a light snacks, Me and Laurence said goodbye to Our Friends, We kicked Our slaves one last time and left for Cambrai again.

As always I had a great time with My French Friends and I am already looking forward to Our next meeting.

Lady Contessa Pat