Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Another meeting with michael

A few weeks ago I met a young guy along the canal while horseback riding. Since I immediately had the impression that he had submissive feelings and fancied Me, I tested (and teased) him a bit. Very soon, I got convinced that indeed he was a sub and after a while he admitted himself.
I had ordered him to meet Me again last Friday and as expected he was waiting for Me when I arrived.
I allowed him to kiss My boot as a welcome (after I had looked around for peekers) and it was clear that he was eager to do so since I had to push his face away with My sole to make him stop. Afterall, I did not want to risk that people would see us like that. On the other hand  I was pleased with the attention of such a young man and it made Me hot. As a result and without further thinking, I ordered him to follow Me and I took him to a more remote place.
My new candidate slave under Me!
Although the weather was not great (approx. 20°C and cloudy), I had him remove his shirt to check his body. A bit to My surprise, he looked surprisingly athletic. I did not expect that because his heavy panting, when he had ran behind Me last week, suggested otherwise. he appeared to have trained in the gym for muscles rather than physical endurance, but I assured him I’d make him improve his stamina! 
I told him that I was going to trot and eventually do a little gallop and that I expected him to run along behind Me again, but for starters, I made him first go down on all fours for Me and vow loyalty. he did immediately and went down about two meters away from Me. However, I wanted him down under Me and had to order him three times closer until he was nearly literally under My boot. There he promised Me 100% obedience.
I allowed him to stand up again and I ran My crop over his naked torso.  I saw a shiver running over him when the leather touched his skin.
Then I asked him if his shirt was clean and when he confirmed that, I ordered him to clean My boots with it, including the soles. “I think that I stepped in some horseshit…” I had added to tease him and as expected, he used his shirt as ordered.
When he had finished, I told him that a human tongue is even better to make leather boots shining and that My slaves do that daily. That I considered it as a finishing touch of a boot-cleaning process. Without a word he started licking My boots as well while I ran My whip over his body again. Not to My surprise, I saw that his jeans seemed to be a bit tight and that he had difficulties to keep his dick small and low. It made Me even hotter but I had no intention to dismount My high horse.
When he had finished tongue-cleaning My boots, I allowed him to put on his shirt again and I shouted at him to follow Me when I urged Starlet, My horse, in a trot.
After about five minutes of trotting I looked back at him and saw that he was exhausted and panting. I told him again that I’d improve his stamina and might longe him in the arena like a horse. he did not object!
Before we said goodbye again, I explained to him that unfortunately I had not yet had enough time to find and arrange a club to test him under the whip, but that he better be prepared since I could send him a mail every moment…
After that, we separated, both going the opposite direction again.

Lady Contessa Pat

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Meeting michael again

Last Friday I had a new meeting with the guy I met a few weeks ago during a horseback trip.
As I had ordered him he was waiting for Me on the exact place I had ordered. Although I don’t remember having him told so, he called Me “Mistress” and bowed when I stopped My horse next to him. Then I looked around and when I saw nobody, I tapped My riding boot. At first he did not understand, but when I tapped it again a bit more explicitly, he came close, bend forward and kissed the leather subtle but passionately. First the right one and then he walked around and kissed My left boot.
I praised him for his “good manners” and asked him if he wanted to get to know Me better. As expected, he eagerly nodded and I explained what I had in mind. In a nutshell: I will look for a club where I can freely and anonymously test and tame him. he would have to go there, getting cuffed and chained, and then I will come over to get to know him better, question him, test him and finally tame him into a good slave. If then I am pleased, I will consider him as My new slave, if not, I will go and he will be released about fifteen minutes later.
Of course he will have to agree in advance with My conditions and will have to accept all physical damage resulting from My orders and eventual punishments. That I have the unlimited right to whip him and kick him without restrictions.
I told him all this while he walked beside Me and I kept on talking when I spurred My horse in a trot. As a result he had to hurry and run to keep up with Me if he wanted to hear all of it. It was one of these tiny things I did to humiliate and test him. 
After I had explained My plans and conditions, I halted Starlet and looked down at him. he understood that I expected an answer and he agreed immediately, without hesitation.
Then before I left him in the usual way (that means he had to walk the other direction) I told him to be back next week same place, same time and allowed him to kiss My boot and thank Me. Of course, he did greedily…

Lady Contessa Pat

Monday, May 6, 2019

New meeting

I met the young sub I met last week again.
I already saw him from a distance. he clearly had obeyed My order and told Me that he had been walking the path from noon on, back and forth to be sure to see Me. I told him that it is the kind of dedication I like.
Then, without hesitating he said that I was was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen! I told him that for sure that was not true, “but maybe the most merciless…!” I added in order to close My net a bit further around him. and,… it worked! I think he had been thinking this all over for a week, but he openly told Me that he’d long to kiss My boots and serve Me like a slave! “A slave?” I acted as if surprised, “that must be handy… but slaves are treated hard and have to work hard…”
When he answered that he had been thinking about it but that he was prepared to become a slave, I asked him if he realized that slaves got whipped when the Mistress of Master is not pleased and that some punishments could be hard. I also warned him that a slave must endure everything from his Mistress. I told him about household chores, gardening, cleaning cars, cleaning dirty boots, … but he seemed to be convinced that he’d be a good slave.
I told him that I might be interested in training him, but needed some proof of his loyalty and dedication and as a test, I ordered him to present his hands for My crop and I hit him three times. he screamed, but did not withdrew his hands, although the whip left clear red marks on his hands and fingers.
Satisfied about this little test I turned My horse and ordered him to walk along, next to Me and tell Me about himself. I learned that he was twenty eight and single, but that he had been in a relation that did not work out,..  he told Me where he lived, that he always felt submissive when seeing a female rider, that he was unemployed,…  and that he longed to be dominated by a woman like Me!
I told him that I might be interested in him, but that I already have two 24/7-slaves and a few occasional ones. slaves that I call and come to Me whenever I am into them and slaves that I can take on My trips to My Domme friends or just to serve Me during My trips on horseback. he answered eagerly that he’d love to become My slave anyway, that I could call him anytime and that if so, he’d be at My feet within thirty minutes.
Then I asked him about punishments. he told Me that had not really had been whipped or so but that he’d accept and take any punishment for him I saw fit and without asking he offered his hands again to Me and My crop. Since the weather was far from enjoyable (cloudy and only 10°C), I did not want to prolong our meeting much longer and told him I wanted to get back, but would think his offer over and eventually see him back next week, same place same time.
As expected, he agreed eagerly so I ordered him to go the other direction (to make sure he would not follow Me) and sped off in a fast gallop.

Lady Contessa Pat

Monday, April 29, 2019

New sub?... Definitely

Last Friday, while I was riding the tow path along the river, I passed a man who was walking the same direction. I was a bit surprised that he said to Me out of the blue that My horse seemed to obey well.
I told him that he’d better do and added that “anyone better obey a woman wearing these…” tapping My spurs with My crop.
“I am sure that everyone will do” he answered and My female antennas immediately sensed that this man was a sub or at least had submissive feelings. So I pushed him a bit further saying that also My whip could be very nasty in the hands of a skilled rider. “I sure believe that human skin is no match for your whip” he answered, strengthening My ideas about his nature and I started asking questions on his age, where he lived, if he came there regularly,…
As a result, he asked Me to walk along with Me. I told him I did not mind some company but warned him  not to come too close if he did not wanted to risk to get kicked.
He answered that he’d for sure would not dare come closer, not only for the possible kickings of My horse but also for My whip!
By then I knew for sure: he definitively was a sub! The only thing now was to find out what kind of sub he was. Was he a collared slave? Probably not since he walked alone and beared no signs nor marks of it. Maybe a silent slave longing to be dominated but never dare to express his true feelings?  Or was he only feeling small in My presence and saw Me as superior without real intentions of serving Me?
I asked him how he knew about the whip and whether he had ever got a taste of it?  “No Madame” he answered shyly, “I just imagine that a whip in the hands of a woman like you must hurt a lot when used on a man…”
“I know it does!” I spoke firmly and swished My crop in the air making it whistle.
“So you have whipped someone already?” he asked not able to suppress his curiousity.
I did not answer but laughed out loud…
Then, I asked him why he asked and he answered that I looked like the kind of woman not to mess around with and not hesitate to use the whip. I laughed again and finally admitted that indeed I have been using My whip before to correct a man.
So, I was not surprised when he finally told Me that he felt that these men were lucky and that he’d love to get a taste of My whip. I laughed out loud againand immediately afterwards, I told him that he’d have to run a bit if he wanted to keep up with Me since I was going to make My horse trot a bit. Of course this was part of My plan to see whether he was bold enough to expose himself as a sub. No man who was not interested would start running behind a woman he did not know on a horse!
To My delight, he did and after a few minutes he got clearly out of breath, but kept on trying to follow Me, even when I increased the pace and I pushed him to his limits. When I stopped, he looked completely exhausted, but in My opinion he past the test and I ordered him to be there again next week, same place, same time.
I am pretty sure he will be there next week…

Lady Contessa Pat

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Training My servant

Last Saturday, hans was with Me for another phase in his becoming My 100% servant. I had mailed him that he’d have to assist Me in keeping My slaves under heel and punish them if I’d like that. I had explained that he’d have to obey Me 100% (as always), even if I’d order him to whip them very hard.
So, when arriving, I had him vowing 100% loyalty and kiss the tip of My boots as agreement. Then, I gave him a whip and a kind of special baton to beat up My slaves if I’d order so.
After introducing hans as My assistant I took him and slave jan upstairs. After I assumed a comfortable reclining position on the bed, I had My boots put back on again after I had stripped My jodhpurs and underwear and slave jan had to lick Me to orgasm. As I had ordered, hans was standing next to Me, ready to whip jan if I was not 100% pleased with his performance. Now and then I gave the sign to let the lash go free and to My delight, I orgasmed twice in less than ten minutes!
It was soooo arousing feeling and seeing a slave bringing Me to orgasm with his tongue while another slave whipped him if only I blinked an eye. I like hierarchy! Especially when on the top!
After this sexually oriented activity, hans was ordered to have My riding boots “prepared”. I said explicitly to HAVE them prepared, not to prepare them himself. At first, hans did not understand, but jan did and I saw him nodding and beckoning hans.  After asking politely permission to leave, they both left for My riding boots

When We came down again, I found marc waiting on his knees in order to inspect his work in the kitchen. I had taken My special white “inspection” gloves to find dirt but was not able to find a single speck of dirt. But I had a plan with marc, and that plan required that I found dirt! So, I turned Myself away from marc and let some saliva drop on the floor.
I feigned indignation and yelled at him. Being well trained, marc did not discus it but immediately went down licking away My saliva on the floor. Unluckily for him I was into punishing him and I kicked him while down on the floor. The first kick hit his body, but the second one hit him hard on the cheek and when I launched a third one, he used his hands to protect his face from another with My heavy riding boot.  Of course that where I wanted him: doing something that I absolutely forbid: trying to protect themselves from a punishment, hindering Me executing it.
I looked at hans with a sadistic smile and ordered him to punish marc and make him bleed.
But then, something unexpected happened: hans hesitated! Upset about this hesitation, I hit him with My crop and warned him that he’d take marc’s place if he did not do as I had ordered and that they’d both get a whipping to bleeding!
He answered that he did not mind whipping marc, but did not like to make him bleed.
As a result, I told him that I no longer would consider him as My servant (with all its privileges) but as a lowly slave and that I would treat him as such. On top I added that I’d have another man as My servant and have him whipped very hard by the new “servant”!
I am sure that hans realized that there would be enough candidates if I’d ask on the net and so he took the whip and started beating marc. I enjoyed it and had jan carress My pussy with his hand through the leather seat of My jodhpurs and as soon as the first trickles of blood appeared I orgasmed again!
Than I made hans thank Me for the opportunity and ordered marc to suck hans erect dick. After a few minutes I allowed hans to “unload” in marc mouth. As a matter of fact I ordered it!
It was only a matter of a few tens of seconds before he did…

Lady Contessa Pat

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Dressage of a new slave

dave tongue-cleaning Myriam’s boots

Dear readers,

Last weekend, I had an experience I thought is worth telling you about.
My Friend Lady Myriam, had met a sub who had signified her that he’d love to become a slave to her. Since she saw some potential in him, she had decided to give it a try with him and offered him to be tested as a slave. Not a 24/7-slave (she does not have the room for a second slave), but a slave that could serve her now and then, whenever she felt like dominating him. So, she had invited him for an afternoon under Our heels.
Indeed, she was so kind to invite Me to assist her in the dressage of this novice slave. No need to say that I was excited about the idea and accepted greedily.
Unlike My original expectations, the guy was much younger and fatter than I expected. Not that this is the most important, but I had expected someone completely different. Although he was unexperienced, he admitted that he had been feeling submissive for all his life, but only recently dared to give in to his feelings (after his wife had died). First, We had him kiss and tongue-clean Our boots, including the soles after we had strolled the garden.
Then, he had to strip in front of Us while We inspected his body running our crops over his fat naked body, humiliating him. Of course, his manhood and nipples got extra attention and to My delight, I could get it big and hard with only the tip of My boot.
Another thing he had to do as a test, was offering his hands to be whipped with our crops. This is one of My main tests for a new slave. I consider useless a slave that does not offer his hands for this or withdraws his hands during the whipping. All decent slaves should be able to stand this since I never hit them full force during this test. I know that hitting hands full force can be very nasty and it is not the idea to damage a new slave from the first day. Nevertheless, I had the impression that Myriam was less merciful and hit much harder than I did. Afterall it was her candidate-slave…
After that, We had a pleasant activity for him in store: We rode him like a four-legged pony. I prefer a 2-legged pony, but dave obviously was not fit enough to carry Me or Myriam like that and it would for sure lead to heavy whipping and spurring and probably serious damage in case he’d fail performing to Our wishes. So I found it better not to order him things that would lead to punishment beyond his limits.
I know, I am too good for this world… hahahahaaaa…).
On top of that, his fat body was very pleasant to sit on: wider and softer, so more comfortable than  the slim bodies I have been riding before.
Anyway, we “trained” and used him as Our ponyslave and rode his back through the house for more than half an hour (until bleeding knees) letting him feel why riders wear spurs and a whip!
At the end of his “training” We had a few races between Me and My Friend Myriam, riding dave and slave dirk. It was clear that he was no match for the fully trained slave that Myriam’s slave dirk is, and as a result, dave’s body and thihs were well marked with Our spurs. Nevertheless, he managed to keep running on all fours for more than an extra thirty minutes with Me or Myriam on his back.
As a last test, he had to show Us that he’d drink Myriam’s piss and We both filled a glass when going to the toilet. Afterwards he had to drink both glasses to the bottom and tell Us how he liked it and which one of the glasses was Myriam’s urine. he guessed right and was rewarded with a kiss on the backside of Our jodhpurs. 
After that he was ordered to leave and kiss Our boots again as a goodbye, which he did exactly as if a full experienced slave.
As soon as he had left, We discussed him and Myriam decided to give him a second try later on.
Anyway, it was a rewarding and exciting afternoon at Myriam’s and I was grateful that she had shared the joy of breaking a new slave with Me.

Lady Contessa Pat