Monday, June 11, 2018

Tasting wine...or...?

During our last meeting in France, it was suggested to organize a wine tasting evening and than Madame Jeanine  suggested to do it with our slaves and combine it. So, last Sunday we gathered at Madame Laurence as explained that each of them had to bring two fine wines for Us to taste and evaluate.
Upon arrival We were also shown some cans in the bathroom. Each of it marked with A to E and we were asked to choose a can and fill it up
Most of Us took their personal slave to the bathroom “to help”.
Also, since I had a servant, frank, with Me I took him and had him hold the can under Me while I emptied My bladder.
After an hour or so (we had to wait for Brigitte who was not able to “produce” a useful amount since she seemed to have peed just before arriving) We all had relieved ourselves and the slaves had to taste all beakers and fill in a form on which they marked which piss they found the sweetest, the best tasting in general, nicest smelling, strongest taste,
And they had to give points for each beaker, so each beaker was valued 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points. Afterwards, the total points were calculated and We put our names to the corresponding beaker marks. I had beaker C and ended on the third place overall, but My piss was chosen as the nicest smelling! Other categories were the sweetest piss, the best tasting piss and the strongest tasting piss.
In the mean time We Ourselves savoured a series of fine wines that We also gave points. 
Most wines were savoured and drank, but some were just spit out. of course the slaves had to offer themselves with open mouths to collect everything We spat out.
However, as a result, most of Us got a bit drunk and that had some influence on the slaves “welfare” and the later it got, the more whiplashes were heard. Like that Jeanine’s slave was whipped to bleeding for “disrespective looking” by Laurence and his Mistress Madame Jeanine. he was already serious scarred all over his body and beared fresh marks that showed he had been whipped to bleeding recently. I knew he was a pain slut, but I think that even for a pain slut, it must have been very hard to bear.
I saw in frank’s eyes that he was scared to death to be summoned to undergo a whipping like that as well, but luckily for him he behaved well. Besides, My Friends knew that he was not a real slave and was not used to whippings and would for sure not make him bleed like they did with slave andre.
But, I had him not only tongue-clean My boots several times, but also My Friends’ boots. I yielded him a few good kicks, but nothing serious or damaging. 
When riding home, I asked him about it and he told Me that he had found the whipping really scaring. I warned him that nevertheless it was the kind of punishment he’d face if he’d ever do something that would really upset Me! I think he got he message….

Madam Kommandante

Friday, June 1, 2018

"slave" hans - part 2

In the early morning jan released hans from the sleeping cage since he was ordered to prepare My breakfast and serve it properly.
It earned hans a few lashes of My whip and in the end, he had to offer his hands for My cane. Four hits I had decided. That was ten minus the quotation I gave for his service: six! Not bad for a novice slave, but still yielding hits with the cane. he screamed it out with each hit, but nevertheless he kept his hands offered to My cane and never made any attempt to withdraw them!
After breakfast he was ordered to clean up the table and do the dishes while I put on My riding attire. I had put on everything except for the spurs because after I had pulled on My riding boots over My tight-fitting jodhpurs. hans had to fix them when he had finished his chores.
Of course, he did not know that I always check whether the spurs are well attached!  So, I snapped My finger for marc who immediately assumed the desired position and like a kind of ritual, I pushed My spurs into his buttocks and moved My foot slightly up and down. To My satisfaction they did not slip nor shift and he was allowed to kiss My boots. In order to show hans the feeling, I did the same with him and told him never to forget the protocol how to fix and check My spurs. Then marc put a special bridle in his mouth and explained him the commands of human pony riding in brief.
After that, I ordered him to assume the position to make me mount him easy for a two-legged walk along My garden. It is a relaxing way to enjoy My large garden and it is a most satisfactory way to inspect a slave’s work. The feeling of his body through My tight-fitting jodhpurs gives Me that extra feeling of power and superiority. On top of that, spurs can be used to make a slave immediately feel when I am not pleased with his work.
So, like that I walked around My garden for about half an hour sitting comfortably in his neck, directing him with My thighs, boots and spurs.
In the afternoon, We had not much time to “play” in the garden since it started raining. However, I took the time to “train” him inside as well.
First, I tested his reactions to My non-verbal commands and helped him understand them with My whip. I taught him what to do when I tap My boot with My whip, when I spread My legs, when I snap My fingers, when I stamp the floor twice or three times rapidly, …
It got him a few good kicks and a series of lashes since he was not really trained as My slave. Each time he misunderstood a command, I punished him and had jan show him the correct action which of course jan executed correct and without hesitation.
Around 4 o’clock, I ordered My slaves to clean My car. Jan had to do the outside while jan had to do the inside.  hans on his turn was ordered to tongue-clean the leather seats and wipe them dry with his shirt.
Before hans left I asked him how he felt about the weekend and he answered Me that it was the best time of his life!
As a result he agreed with the idea that I will use him as My slave for a weekend later again when I feel like it.  

Lady Contessa Pat

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"slave" hans

I had My servant (sub) hans as My slave for the weekend. he had agreed to live a full weekend as My slaves and treated in the same way they are. There would be no turning back and no limits and he’d endure anything I’d do with him.
I had explained his rights and plight. As a matter of fact that was very simple: no more rights and I had him sign a contract in which he vows to obey, serve and suffer if I deem necessary. In this, he declared that he’d obey My every whim, no matter the consequences and would freely accept all physical damage resulting from My orders and eventual punishments. In it he also declares that all tasks and punishments he’d undergo are fully accepted by him and would never lead to any charges against Me no matter the result of My orders or punishments.
As soon as he had signed the contract, I went to the toilet and filled a glass with warm piss to celebrate.
But before he had to drink it, I ordered him to lick My pussy clean. he did not know that I had held some and while he was licking Me I started pissing again into his face and mouth. No vast amounts of course, but enough to soak his face and shirt and to make him drink right from the source!
Anyway, after our “toast” I ordered him to get naked.
Unfamiliar with this, he acted a bit clumsy and hesitating and asked Me if that included his underwear.
Apparantly he was not familiar with My rule that slaves always kneel down for Me to ask something which got him a few hits in the face with My crop.  
To explain I ordered marc to show him the “protocol”:  My slave went down on his knees and asked Me if he could sprinkle the flowers. As an answer, I tapped My boot with My crop. It was the non verbal version of “yes, you can thank Me now…” and slave marc bent forward and kissed the tip of My boots out of gratitude.
Then I showed slave hans the no-answer when he went down and asked Me if he could keep on his underwear: I kicked him in the face with My riding boot.
Pretty clear I thought so.
After he had stopped the bleeding of his noose I urged him into the garden and ordered him to mow the lawn. he did not tell but I am sure that he was surprised and disappointed when he saw that he had to do it with an old manual machine. I explained that I did not want to use My motorized mowing tractor since I wanted to save petrol…. Hahahahhaaaaaa…  
So for about an hour or so I watched how the naked body was sweating in the burning sun, struggling with the old machine.
In the mean time I enjoyed the sun (tanning) while jan and marc served Me on the terasse massaging and licking My feet while reading and savoring a sweet white wine.
Now and then I zipped up My boots and went to hans for checking his work. Walking next to him with only My bathing suit, high boots and gloves on, I “encouraged” him to work faster with one of My favorite singletails.

After an hour or two, Myriam arrived and hans was punished for not properly greeting her. 
hans, after the whipping
Indeed, My slaves normally welcome My Domme guests by kissing their shoes or boots when arriving to welcome them and hans did not although he had seen this several times before!
I found something like that embarrassing for Me and offered My Friend to punish him in the way she saw fit.
Like that, We had him cuffed to a pole, fully exposed and offered to Myriam’s whip. After a while Myriam suggested to take over and whip him on My turn for embarrassing Me.
I had told him not to make a noise or We’d take him to the cellar for a serious whipping, but he managed to keep quiet except for some moaning.
After about five minutes, his back was striped red but no real bleeding or so and We allowed him to kiss our whip hands.
Around 5 PM I changed with hans’s help to go for dinner, but unlike he had hoped, I had him locked up in marc’s cage and went only with Myriam to the restaurant.
When I came home later that night, I had him kiss goodnight My boots before I went to bed. I had hans sleep in marc’s cage, locked up.

To be continued

Lady Contessa