Friday, July 20, 2018

Florence (part 2)

In the morning of the second day in Florence, I kicked My servant hans out of the bed (and My room) since I wanted to take a shower in private.
After breakfast, We visited the Galleria del’Accademia with the world-famous David and the Santa Croce church with all these famous people buried there.
After that, We went to the so called “Duomo” and climbed its tower and came at the “Bargello”, a building formerly used as a prison. My kind of building I’d say, although it missed a torture room…
We visited all these highlights leisurely, with lots of breaks on the numerous terraces throughout the city.
While sitting on a terrace, a wicked idea came up My mind: while I enjoyed a cold drink on a terrace, I ordered hans to go to the middle of the square and sing a song for Me. First, he hesitated, but when I looked in his eyes and told him he’d get a serious whipping to bleeding at home if he did not sing loud and clear for Me, he walked to the middle of the square and started singing loud a German (love) song!!!
That’s what I call a servant! And he was rewarded for it when We came back in the hotel…

Me in the beautiful Boboli gardens
The third day of our visit to Florence, We walked over the Ponte Vecchio and Like Robert Langdon in “Inferno” we strolled the lovely Boboli gardens. In the late afternoon, we relaxed for  a long time on a nice terrace at that side of the Arno river looking over Florence.

When we came back at the hotel, I had another intensive massage and the long walks had required hans to do My feet for at least an hour.
When I put My boots on again, I saw that they were dull and dusty. So, before we left for diner, I had hans tongue-cleaned them giving them back their original shine.
Based on the good weather forecast, I had brought only one pair of boots, so I could not change and of course one can not expect Me to walk around in dirty boots!
Our last diner in Florence was actually very romantic and I had hans in My bed again. Actually, I rode him with My boots on and kicked his naked body repeatedly. It made Me orgasm three times (including when I had squatted Myself over his face to lick My pussy clean from My juices).
An hour later I kicked him out again.
The next morning, we had breakfast in the restaurant before he left (his flight was earlier than mine) and I went shopping before I took the bus back to the airport.
When thinking it over, I must admit that it was an extraordinary and wonderful trip and I have decided to do more trips like this…

Lady  Contessa Pat

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


After reading the book “Inferno” from Dan Brown a few months ago, I had the idea to visit Florence.
Since I had a few days without business obligations last week, I decided to go to Florence for a couple of days. Since I did not want to go by My own, I had called My servant hans and ordered him to accompany Me.
Since it was difficult to find a last-minute flight to Florence, I flew to Pisa and took a transfer bus to Florence. I met hans (who had come over from Germany) in the lobby of the hotel and as soon as I was in My room he welcomed Me properly, kissing My boots.
This one would be a great slave for Me, wouldn’t he?
After that, I had him massage My feet and back to prove his massage skills. he had recently finished his course on Thai massage that I had ordered him a year or so ago and now he could prove his progress.
I had not taken a whip because I am always afraid that customs would find it and ask questions, but instead I had a fine belt that could hurt a lot as well when used as a whip. Maybe not as efficient and less frightening than a real good single tail, but it did its job and it appeared to be able to make nice red welts as well!
Anyway, after the massage, We left to buy a “Firenze card” that gave us the opportunity to visit most buildings and museums without the ever-present queues.
After that, We went to the Uffizi museum (which I actually did not like that much) and the Palazzo Vecchio. After the visits We went for diner during which I explained him what was expected of him during our stay in Florence. Back in the hotel, his first task was to open a bottle of Champaign and have My feet massaged while I read in a local guide on the city. After that, I undressed and had him pull on a rubber and I rode him. Of course, I had forbidden him to ejaculate before I orgasmed. I felt that this was not easy for him and he had to withhold it several times before I allowed him to cum.
About five minutes later, I ordered him to serve My pussy and lick it clean. A few minutes later, I had another orgasm and although he had his own room, I allowed him to stay the night with Me.

To be continued (when I have more time)…

Lady Contessa Pat