Thursday, October 18, 2018

man at work in Bratislava

Me on "man at work"

Last week I was in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital for some business. Since I had never visited the city I stayed there also in the weekend with My HR-manager Myriam. To be honest, Bratislava is not such a big deal but it is cozy and the people are friendly.
While walking the city, We came upon a little statue that was called “man at work”… I liked it and asked Myriam to take a picture of Me showing what I’d do with men that were “working” like that….

Lady Contessa Pat

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A girl for Lady Marlon

Our friend Charlotte had a surprise for our Dutch friend Marlon when We visited her lately in Essen.
We all knew that Marlon likes slavegirls more than men, and therefore, Charlotte had this tiny Asian girl for Our friend (apart from the male slaves that she had for the rest of Us).
Marlon of course was very pleased with this and thanked Our host Charlotte extensively but immediately said that all of Us could make use of the girl. An offer Me Myself took later that day. Like all slaves present, she was naked all the time and many of Us toyed with her during the day.
After lunch, Marlon took the girl upstairs and asked if one of Us wanted to join her. Since I do not object dominating women as well, I “volunteered”. Once upstairs the idea was simple: the girl had to bring Marlon to orgasm by caressing and licking her while I simply whipped the girl to better performance on Marlon’s instructions. Like I already knew Marlon enjoyed to be licked by a slavegirl while the latter was whipped at Her wish. It brought the girl to tears and Marlon two orgasms!
After Marlon had orgasmed, I stripped off My pants as well and enjoyed the slavegirl’s tongue! Like that, I changed position with My Friend as She urged the slavegirl, whose name appeared to be something like “sin”, with her whip.
After this, Marlon took the girl to the bathroom and pissed on the girl. First “sin” refused to get in the bathtub and lay down, but Marlon knew how to deal with that! And when next She ordered the girl to open her mouth to piss into it, to My surprise the girl did!
Encouraged by Marlon, I took position over the girl as well and emptied My bladder as well in her face and mouth.  
Later on Charlotte told Us that She had “borrowed” the tiny girl from a local brothel and that the poor thing was not into BDSM nor pain, but just a toy to be used.

Lady Contessa Pat

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The result of "a ride"

Charlotte's slave klaus after the punishment

Charlotte sent Me a picture of her slave after she had punished him.